Latino Ivy League Conference 2014

Weaving The Quilt of America - the Intersectionality of Hispanic and American Identity

Princeton Latinos y Amigos (PLA)

Princeton Latinos y Amigos (PLA) is Princeton's student latino organization.  Since its founding, it has been dedicated to celebrating and sharing Latin American heritage and advancing a proper understanding of it. It also seeks to communicate relevant cultural, social, and political topics affecting our campus community, the United States, and Latin America, and to provide avenues for engaging with them. It strives to create an inclusive community that supports the well-being and growth of its members, whose defining characteristic is an interest in the organization. By maintaining strong ties with past members, student organizations, the University, and other universities, it seeks to develop its capabilities and further its impact. Lastly, it seeks to establish a culture of service by maintaining a relationship with and helping those who share this heritage, particularly those in our local community.

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Association of Latino Princeton Alumni (ALPA)

The Association of Latino Princeton Alumni (ALPA) supports Latinos within the Princeton University community through networking, mentoring, and mutual support. They advance Latino issues in student life, University affairs, personal and professional development, and outreach/service.