Latino Ivy League Conference 2014

Weaving The Quilt of America - the Intersectionality of Hispanic and American Identity

Keynote Speaker, State SenatorJacob Candelaria  

Jacob Candelaria hails from Albuquerque's working class neighborhoods. Raised by a single mother and his grandparents, Jacob learned at an early age the value of hard work and commitment to both family and community.

Inspired by his grandfather who was honored as a national leader in the fight against gangs and drugs in our nation’s cities, and his grandmother who ran a clinic that provided dental care to poor children, public service came naturally to Jacob.

After undergraduate school at Princeton University, Jacob chose to return home, where he is New Mexico's 26th District State Senator.  He has worked as a leadership fellow with Think New Mexico, working on ground breaking education reform legislation to address his state’s high-school dropout crisis; as a program evaluator for the New Mexico Legislative Finance Committee, the state agency charged with crafting the state budget; and as a policy analyst to Speaker Ben Lujan (D-Nambe). In addition, Jacob currently serves as the Director of Equality New Mexico.

As our honored keynote speaker, we are very excited to hear what he has to share with us.


Education Workshop

Faciltator: Professor Miguel A. Centeno

 Sociology and the Woodrow Wilson School

With research specialization in socioeconomic power structures and Latin American studies,   Professor Centeno will  facilitate a workshop to build a dialogue around the education struggles facing the Latino community. Acting on the issue himself, his background inspired him to found the Princeton University Preparatory Program to help gifted students from low-income backgrounds develop the skills, confidence and leadership abilities to succeed at top universities.

Pan-ethnicity  Workshop

Faciltator: Professor Patricia Fernandez-Kelly

 Sociology and the Office of Population Research

Having performed research focusing  on the lives of immigrant children in the US,  Professor Fernandez-Kelly will lead  LILC attendees to reflect upon their own experiences with pan-ethnicity, the experience of other students, and share her research insights on how immigrant children view the US and their cultures. 

Immigration Issues Workshop

Facilitator: Princeton DREAM Team

The Princeton DREAM Team acts on a variety of immigration issues on-campus, and their work allows them to gain a first-hand perspective on fighting deportations, undocumented student college access, immigration reform, immigration community-building, and much more. Members of this organization will lead a workshop to discuss relevant issues and the actions attendees can take to change the immigration narrative. 


 Each individual school will decide which delegates they send on their own, but schools may use this application form we have created. To access and download the application form, click on the button below. 


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